How to write a Professional LinkedIn Profile

How to write a Professional LinkedIn Profile    

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media tools used by recruiters and was originally wholesale jerseys created to “link” employers with candidates.  Today it’s a virtual networking tool used by businesses, recruiters and candidates alike.

There are literally millions of profiles on LinkedIn and this is its advantage however this can also be a distinct disadvantage when you are trying to be found.  Here are some suggestions to make sure Heat recruiters find your profile on LinkedIn.


One of the mistakes candidates tend to make is to write their current job title into the headline.  Job titles vary enormously from one company to another and they don’t always translate well in the external job market.

They can also be incredibly vague and most job titles don’t really explain the level of responsibility or accountability held in the organisation.  Be creative with the headline and describe what you the do concisely as it only allows 120 characters.

Create an interesting summary

Once you’ve completed the employment history spend some quality time writing a powerful and interesting summary.  This section isn’t wholesale nfl jerseys a place to cut and paste tasks and duties from your CV.

The summary is a section How to describe your achievements, your accomplishments and what you can uniquely bring to an organisation.

Include relevant and well known key words relating to your sector or industry as recruiters use these to cheap nba jerseys search and filter profiles.

Professional Photo

LinkedIn is one of the most professional social media platforms – it is very different to Facebook or Twitter, therefore, it’s essential for you to use an appropriate photo.

Your profile photo on LinkedIn should reflect the sector and the type of job you hold.  For example, if you are working in the financial services sector or in a corporate blue-chip organisation then wearing smart business entire is appropriate.

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