Selling the Employment Proposition

Selling the Employment Proposition  

Employers have somewhat had the upper hand in the whole recruitment relationship over the last few years.  They’ve been able to be selective and take their time going through the interview process. Times are about to change as we enter the year of the candidate.

We’ve read the research and seen the evidence that candidates are now being more selective about their job choices or career decisions and there is also evidence that they are declining offers.

Employment Proposition  

The ideal employment proposition between employer and candidate happens when there is an alignment between what the employer wants and the candidate offers (qualifications, skills, experiences, and knowledge) and the candidate wants and the employer offers (salary, benefits, career paths, location, etc.)

The labour market demographics are changing (supply and demand).  There is a diminishing pool of skilled and qualified talent and increasing demands as companies implement their growth strategies and expand their operations.  This shift brings about an interesting dynamic and puts talented candidates firmly in the driving seat.

Interview Process

It’s essential you appreciate the importance of the interview process and the impact it has on a candidate’s decision about the company.  The recruitment process is the first impression a candidate will create about an organisation.

How you engage, interact, communicate with candidates to how you manage them through the entire interview process will leave a lasting impression and this all impacts on the employer brand and company’s reputation in the market.

Employer of Choice

Do you know and understand what factors contribute to retaining your most talented employees?  If you really appreciate the factors that create an attractive culture and a positive employer brand then you have most of the information you’ll need to take to the job market and start to attract and hire top talent.

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