How to Manage and Retain your Top Talent

How to Manage and Retain your Top Talent   

According to recent research a high percentage of employers say their biggest challenge in the next few years is a shortage of suitable applicants when recruiting.

There’s also evidence that employers don’t currently have the talent needed to achieve their future business objectives.

One thing is for sure the war on finding talent for your business and equally retaining your top talent will be one of your priorities over the next few years.

What’s your Retention Strategy?

Over the next few years we are likely to experience more and more demand for skilled, experienced and highly talented individuals.  Therefore, as an employer you’ll need to start thinking (if you haven’t already done so) and taking action to put in place a strategy that retains your most engaged and productive members of staff.

  • Performance Reviews
  • Career Paths
  • Training & Development
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Competitive Compensation & Benefits

It’s likely your most talented employees are career orientated and therefore, clear career paths, career progression and promotional opportunities will be extremely important to them.

Employees appreciate clear roles, responsibilities, being set challenging objectives and they want to understand what’s expected of them.  Employees also want to feel valued and be involved in decisions that have an impact on them.

Keeping your employees engaged

Engaged employees tend to be more motivated and productive and consequently loyal to the organisation.  The company’s most engaged and productive employees will also be the people your competitors will be looking to attract and hire.

Career orientated individuals tend to be ambitious and are always looking for their next promotion and working towards the next step up the corporate ladder.  Therefore, it’s critical you know what keeps your existing staff engaged, motivated and want to stay with the company.

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