How to handle behavioural competency questions

How to handle behavioural competency questions

Behavioural competency type questions have been around for decades and they are still widely used today.  Even the most confident candidates tend to dread these types of questions.  They are still used because they can predict future capability with a high degree of accuracy.

Having a good cheap mlb jerseys understanding of these types of questions, being able to master how to answer by providing quality information is a great way of leaving the interviewer with little to no doubt about your ability and capability to do the job.

Preparation, preparation and preparation

The key to successfully answering these types of questions is all about cheap jerseys the preparation.  Spend quality time thinking of your most satisfying and challenging achievements.  Prepare some specific examples using the most common behavioural competencies as a guide, interpersonal skills, planning and organising, client orientation, etc.

These questions are usually asked by trained moving recruiters – recruiters that have a very clear idea of what criteria and behaviours they are assessing and measuring during the interview.

Recruiters tend to use the S.T.A.R. process (Situation, Task, Action and Result) Chicagos to gather information during the interview and also to assess the information after the interview.  Candidates can also use the S.T.A.R. process to prepare some specific examples from their career history.

How and what do interviewers assess?

Interviewers are gathering lots of information and observable wholesale mlb jerseys data relevant to the job criteria.  For example, if they are assessing your ability to communicate complex information they will ask you to provide a specific example where you have demonstrated this behavioural competency.

The interviewer will be asking you follow up questions about the message About you were trying to explain and what methods of communication you used.  Did you know the audience and their level of understanding before you prepared the information?  How did you check the audience left with a clear understanding of that message?

Once you fully understand how you are measured and assessed the better you will get at preparing and sharing specific examples, providing quality information and increase your chances of being offered a job.

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